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Comprehensive Design of Audiovisual Projects, Optimizing Technology and Content to Align with Your Message.

Our area of expertise encompasses all aspects of audiovisual technology and its integration within physical spaces, alongside its content.

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Areas of Expertise

Interactivity and Museology

Design of interactive audiovisuals with multiple screens or combining projections with screens.

Areas of Expertise

Digital Signage

Multi-screen Digital Signage. 24/7 Screen Management. Custom Content Creation and Management.

Areas of Expertise

Interior Design

Seamless Integration of Audiovisual Technology with Architectural Design


From project inception to completion, we handle it all: executive project preparation, supplier management, and professional supervision. Our meticulous approach includes thorough project planning, economic proposal validation, and effective management of professionals and suppliers. With us, you can focus on your vision while we ensure seamless execution and optimal results

Training & Education

We believe in empowering your team every step of the way. Our comprehensive training programs ensure your personnel are proficient in leveraging the latest equipment and technologies. We also handle the selection of external personnel, aligning candidates with your project's vision and objectives. Our commitment to improvement also drives us to regularly review projects, identifying opportunities to streamline processes and drive success.


Seamless Software Configuration and On-Site Support. We're committed to empowering your technology journey every step of the way. From configuring and implementing software to customizing internet services, we ensure that your technology solutions are tailored to your unique needs and goals. Our dedicated on-site support team also assists you during implementation and at any committed events, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.


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Completed Projects




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Live Events

Our approach involves the precise tech of the audiovisual part in tight collaboration with your artistic direction team. This synergy ensures seamless alignment of all project aspects, from technology intricacies to aesthetics. Moreover, we excel in crafting compelling narratives and visuals that deeply resonate with your audience, enhancing your project's impact


Extraordinary Installations

From conception to execution, we offer a comprehensive service for creating extraordinary, temporary, and visual installations. With a blend of innovation, creativity, and technical precision, we transform your spaces into immersive and impactful experiences that captivate audiences. Trust us to bring your visions to life and stand out in an increasingly competitive world.

"The Symphonie Fantastique was one of the most beautiful projects"

Pep Gatell

La Fura dels Baus

"Working with you gives us peace and tranquility, we know that everything will work."

Eva Vicens.

Vinari Wine Awards Director

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